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"Every Artist Was Once an Amateur."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Creativity takes courage.”
- Henri Matisse


All encouraging words for me, the anxious new artist!


In 1997, I formed Montage Creative Communications, Inc, a full service graphic design and print company.  While I enjoyed the creativity that digital art allows, I missed creating more traditional forms of art.

After almost 25 years of feeding my creative hunger with a computer and a mouse, I traded the digital tools in for a paintbrush and haven't wanted to put it down since.


My source of inspiration comes from my extensive graphic design background, my passion for color and the beautiful area in which I live.  My art is created solely on experimentation and color, a combination of abstract mixed media and acrylic painting.

My husband, Bill, and I currently reside in Hebron, MD. We love Maryland's Eastern shore and I am always exploring the area in search of new ideas for my paintings.


Bill has encouraged and supported my long days in the studio, my weekly deliveries from art supply stores, and my numerous requests to take yet ANOTHER painting class. 

When I am not painting, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, playing golf and skiing.



I entered my first art show in August 2015, submitting one of my paintings in the Potomac River Regional Art Show in Colonial Beach, VA.


While I didn't win a ribbon, I did sell my first piece of artwork. That was the inspiration I needed to continue painting and to continue learning new techniques and styles.


I will be regularly adding new pieces to my online portfolio and hope that you will take the time to visit often!


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